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A fluorescent magnetic flux is applied to the surface of a ferromagnetic item. Magnetism is introduced to pull the flux into its surface. UV light makes the flux visible and reveals any indications on the surface of the item.

With this, we are able to confirm suspicions of hairline cracks found in gears, splines, shafts, pistons, housings, valve sections, and more that otherwise would not normally be seen by the naked eye.


Magnaflux inspections aid us in:

  • Troubleshooting mysterious weeping or leaking

  • Tracing possible causes for failures

  • Deciding if a part requires replacement

Some parts, such as port plates, require a special low-friction and wear resistant coating applied to their surface. This phosphate conversion coating, and the process for its application, is known as Parkerizing.

When this coating is compromised, it is removed and reapplied as shown below.

Old parkerizing

Surface is rough, worn, and scored.

Ground surface

Old parkerizing and imperfections removed

New parkerizing applied

Surface is now like-new, ready for installation

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